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Message from Founder, Susan Bates

Happy Days to all of you! I hope this message finds all of you happy and healthy!

I know many of you are navigating through the Badger Care and Obama Care maze for health insurance. I also know this may be a scary time for many of you, but hold on to your hats.

We will try to give you some basic information or guide you to websites that can help you detangle the mysteries and complications of this very complicated implementation and change in how many residents of Wisconsin receive quality health care.

The following rules are applying in Wisconsin in regards to the much lower income limits to qualify as an adult (and you can Thank Scott Walker for those lower income limits) as in many other states, will be using the guideline of 138% of the Federal Poverty Limit as the cut off before they would be removed from their Medicaid type programs. This 138% limit is what the The Federal Government has outlined for all States, however The Supreme Court ruled that states could use different levels of income to establish each State's cut off point in receiving this type of insurance care. So thus our much LOWER PERCENTAGES which means more single adult parents being removed from Badger Care... Here is the website for Badger Care if you need it: http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov
and the website for Obama Health Care is https://www.healthcare.gov/

We briefly wanted to give you some information and resources to help you get the most out of finding the best coverages for you and your family.

This information by no means is exhaustive in nature but hopefully we will motivate you to take an active part in navigating these changes as there is no one better to advocate for you and your family, but yourself, no matter how much of a pain in the ............it is.

If we, as single parents do not advocate for ourselves and our families, we know for sure, our government sure is not going to! They have proven that to us time and time again!!!

If you need additional resources or information and we can help, please contact us at (414) 305-2883. But please do not expect a call back immediately as we are a volunteer staff but will get back to you as soon as possible.

In Peace,

Welcome to our home page!
We are glad you stopped by!

Our web site and our organization are here to help you, one of our worlds most valuable, yet under recognized or appreciated populations, SINGLE MOMS! Let WOW be your "Helping Hand", and NEVER feel alone, we are here!!

Each and every single mom's story is different. Whether you have been physically and emotionally abused, having money issues, challenging children to raise, substance abuse issues, or finding that life is not as joyful and fun as it once was, just remember, there are many "Helping Hands" ready to help educate, inspire and "empower" you to seek out the solutions to your challenges. Knowledge is power and unlocks the key to your dreams for yourself and your children. Then one day, down the road, you can be a "Helping Hand" to someone else!

I hope everyone is keeping warm and healthy! Our annual scholarship will open in March 2012 to receive applicants.

Unfortunately, our donations have become a source of major concern so we will only be awarding one scholarship this year to help single moms continue their education.

So please make sure that when you do submit your scholarship application, it is complete as we do not contact you for additional information that is omitted on the application.

We look forward to receiving many applicants and if donations increase between then and now, will definitely be awarding more scholarships!

Please read Carrie's letter of appreciation to WOW to find out what this scholarship means to her and her family. And please mark on your calendars, February of 2013, is our next round of scholarships!

Also, please check out our NEW ADDITIONS to our State by State resource section found here.

If you come across any resources in your state that you feel might be of benefit to others, please forward them onto us at . Sharing is caring!!!

And as always......we are always in need of school supplies, toiletry items, and of course, cold hard cash! Any amount is appreciated and tax deductible!!!!!!

I end this with my hopes and wishes that you have a safe and healthy rest of your summer!

WOW was born from my own personal experiences as a single mother, that single mothers, especially working single mothers, who ABSOLUTELY NEED ASSISTANCE AND YET ARE SEVERELY UNDER SERVED.

However, we are a struggling non-profit organization and while our dreams of helping you are many, our financial resources are slim. At present, we receive no government grants, etc. We are solely supported by public donations!!! Please check out our "Helping Hand" section for ideas on how you, your neighbor, your sons or daughter's, companies you may work for, can help in our fundraising efforts!

Unfortunately, as blessed as we have been over the years, WOW's existence is in peril!

WOW's all voluntary board members as well as myself all have outside jobs, so our time is so limited and we focus on our mission of helping single mothers and squeeze in fundraising when we can.

And if you are a single mother and can help by donating, or have been helped in some way by WOW, we certainly would appreciate your donation or running a fundraising event on our behalf!

We hope you visit us often and LOVE to hear from you! We hope WOW helps to provide resources and tools that are not only helpful in your every day life, but also help inspire and empower you to be the best single mom you can be!

I wish for you all continued good health for you and your families as well as great opportunities coming to you during the year!

In Peace,

What Does Love Mean

We mothers, know how enlightening our children can be, however sometimes in the hustle and bustle we call "Daily Life", we sometimes forget how our children are truly the wise ones in knowing what is important in life! Here are some actual statements from children (their ages are indicated after each). I hope you enjoy them!

"When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and pain her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love." Age 8.
Read More

Congratulations to Carrie M (Grafton, WI), WOW's 2012 educational scholarship winner!
Scholarship Winners

We want to thank all of our scholarship applicants for applying for our 2012 WOW Scholarship! This year's winner is Carrie M. from Wisconsin.

Dear WOW,
Thank you SO much for supporting my dreams and for granting me a scholarship for the 2012 school year. I became a young mother at the age of 17, and although it's been challenging at times, I'm actually earning my four year degree in three and a half years this fall with a BFA from UW-Milwaukee! Read more...

Click here to view past winners of the Women empOwering Women Inc Educational Scholarship.

Great Site for Job Hunters
Please check out this website called job-applications.com. You will find hundreds of online applications and printable job forms for many companies You can also find jobs based on category. There are also tips from people who have interviewed who offer their knowledge so you can do your very best at an interview for that company. Also information on pay and benefits. A wealth of information. GREAT SITE!
Featured Resource

LA Talk Radio
Jordyn Goodman has a talk radio show that is called "Empower" which educates a younger generation to embrace health and wellness through natural approaches.

View more resources...

My Story...

I started WOW a few years ago because I was, and still am, a working single mother who felt that while I have continually worked (many times at more than one job at a time), I was becoming more of what people call 'The Working Poor'. Time after time, I noticed that resources (financial and otherwise) for working single moms like myself were either sparse, hard to find or frankly, non-existent! Your situation may include some of the same challenges I have faced, some even more challenging as overcoming domestic abuse, substance abuse, homelessness, teen motherhood economic disadvantages or others not mentioned here.

But no matter what the challenges may be in your life, WOW is here to lend you a "Helping Hand" to empower you to be the very best Mom you can be! Read more...

Buy, Sell or Donate on eBay

You can support WOW when you buy and sell on eBay, with the eBay Giving Works program. Read more...

Women Empowering Women

Please utilize our resource page and feel free to send us other resources that you have found helpful to you and your family. Please browse our web site for helpful resources. We have listed many resources for the State of Wisconsin but also have begun to list additional resources for other states to assist you.

If you come across any web site from your state that you think may be useful for other single mothers, please contact us at and we can add them to our web site to help others as well.

The Wheel of Power

Abusers believe they have a right to control their partners by:

  • Telling them what to do and expecting obedience
  • Using force to maintain power and control over partners
  • Feeling their partners have no right to challenge their desire for power and control
  • Feeling justified making the victim comply
  • Blaming the abuse on the partner and not accepting responsibility for wrongful acts.

The characteristics shown in the wheel are examples of how this power and control are demonstrated and enacted against the victim.

Power and Control

Life Is Too Short
Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Love the ones who don't just because you can. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Kiss slowly. Forgive quickly.
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