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Alexandria - Show of Appreciation and Thanks

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WOW Another Letter of Appreciation
A year has sprinted past me since I won this prestigious scholarship from WOW and I was honored then and even more honored now. When I received the call again from Susan telling me that I won the scholarship I was leveled. The scholarship will help lighten the weight on my shoulders that comes along with being a single mother who has every obstacle thrown her way including a controversial "baby daddy". I have been through so much within the past year and getting the honors to represent the organization for something positive once again just brightens my day. After getting the first scholarship I made it my duty to encourage the single mothers around me at school to join W.O.W. because it would be beneficial to them and their children. To me this organization is a blessing that found its way to me and other single mothers who need the support of a shoulder to lean on when things get rough. Every time I talk with Susan I feel a sense of sisterhood because she allows me to vent to her about my situation and I know she understands where I am coming from because she has gone through the same thing.

This scholarship will be used toward my continued my education at ITT-Technical Institute-Greenfield where I have accumulated approximately $21,000 in student loans. In total the 2 years I have dedicated to attaining my Associates Degree is roughly $40,000 but the government assisted me with grants that handled the remaining balance. I will be graduating in September 2007 with my Associates Degree in Information Technology – Computer Network Systems...I know it is a lot of words and very technical but I knew the reward and depth of this career path that would lead to many adventures. I want to continue supporting WOW and encourage other single mothers to take that step to move forward in life and be an example to their children.

Again I want to say thank you for this honor and so would my little man, Jeremiah, because he knows the stress his "mama" sometimes endures. I am doing this for him so that he can be proud of his mother and have an opportunity to have everything he wants and more as he grows up. I am raising our next Fortune 500 company owner/President of the United States of America and that is going to take more than village because like most 2 year old boys he is quite the stubborn little tease.

Thanks a lot!!!
Alexandria Thompson
P.S. I am so grateful to have found you guys.

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