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Alexandria's Story - Show of Appreciation and Thanks

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On January 16, 2006, WOW, Inc. better known as Women empOwering Women, informed me of the news that I was the recipient of their 2005 Scholarship that they were offering to single mothers who are continuing their education. When I initially enrolled into college at MSOE, or the Milwaukee School of Engineering, I knew that college was going to cost me an arm and a leg... in a figurative manner. With the birth of my son, it was necessary for me to switch my schedule so that I could be part of his life full-time all the while going to school and working part-time. With that dilemma in mind I chose to switch to ITT Technical Institute which was much cheaper than MSOE but with a much better program all the while knowing that it would still put a huge dent in my pocket.

Enrolling into college was a goal of mine that was destined to be met no matter what hurdles stood in my path. College tuition and books leads to student loans and sets you up for half a lifetime of debt unless you know how to manage your loans. This scholarship will help with my overall debt I am amassing with my student loans and overall tuition; in fact, it will assist in lifting some of the financial burden off of my shoulders and help make my life a tad bit more manageable. My responsibilities, not even including those with school, are never ending and with a child and can be a struggle, at times, especially when you are on your own. Keep in mind babies do not come with instructions. This scholarship means even more to someone like me who had it all together, my life planned, and then a beautiful, bouncing baby comes along and makes life just a little more challenging and spontaneous.

I am honored that I was chosen as the recipient of WOW’s 2005 Scholarship and sincerely thank WOW. I will never forget this award and those responsible for it.

Thanks a Lot
Alexandria Thompson

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