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A Helping Hand for Single Mothers

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Annual Educational Scholarship for single mothers, including scholarships for diploma and certificate programs, NOT only for 2-4 year degreed programs. We believe education is valuable at any level and single moms may not be able to commit to a program that extends out 2-4 years.

  • FREE One hour relaxation massage (tips are welcomed, but not necessary). Provided by Forever Living Massage in Menomonee Falls. Call WOW for more information.

  • The HOPE Network for Single Mothers is a non-profit organization, located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin who helps single mothers and their children. As a special agreement between HOPE and WOW, they are extending their FREE Crib Program to our WOW MOMS (Due to benefits offered, this benefit can only be extended to WOW MOMS living in Wisconsin.)

  • HOPE believes every baby should have a safe place to sleep and so does WOW! WOW is proud to support this great program.

    You can contact HOPE at 262-251-7333. You may also contact HOPE via email at info@hopenetworkinc.org for more detailed information about this program as well as additional services they offer.

    Although membership to WOW is FREE, to qualify for the FREE crib program provided by HOPE, you need to contact WOW first so we can pay HOPE's annual memebership fee on your behalf BEFORE you contact them. We can not pay for memberships already paid for by you. And if you are currently a HOPE member, we will STILL pay for one year of your membership fee on your behalf.

  • Career clothing when available (Local Wisconsin WOW MOMs only, and when available).

  • Complimentary personal hygiene products (when available).

  • School Supplies

* All programs are dependent upon WOW's funding for such programs within each year.