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Brittany - Show of Appreciation and Thanks

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WOW Another Letter of Appreciation
Currently, in addition to being a single mother, I attend UW-Milwaukee full-time, while working 40 hours a week to pay the bills. My baby's 13 months now and I look back and remember her as a little, tiny baby and it just amazes me at how much she's grown so quickly. At the same time, though, I realize just how much I missed being in school and working alongside. With this scholarship, though, it will allow me a little wiggle room.

I can cut back on some of my hours I work now, and spend a few more hours with my baby. To some people this may not seem like such a big deal, but to me, these memories that I will be able to share with her, I will hold forever.

Also, due to Wow's scholarship, I can set aside a few dollars for a rainy day. Which now is not a possibility?

So, I want to personally thank everyone who made this scholarship possible; including not only the founder of WOW, Susan Bates and her Board of Directors, but also to the people who have made personal donations to WOW as well.

Please know that your donations to Women empOwering Women are not given in vain, as your donations have directly improved my situation as well as the situation of the other scholarship recipients.

The benefits from your donations of time money to Women empOwering Women, will continue on into the future, through each and every one of WOW's scholarship winners!

Brittany Wolfmeyer
2007 WOW Scholarship Winner

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