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Newsletter: Car Maintenance Made Simple

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Car Maintenance Made Simple

With gas prices increasing by the day, I bet all of you are thinking about how you can get better gas mileage. You may have seen some magic devices on TV that claims your car can get 25% better fuel efficiency: The facts are that these products DO NOT work. The following are some tips that can help you keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

  1. Check your tires every week for proper air pressure.

  2. Remove extra junk in your trunk. Why pay to haul junk around.

  3. Keep your car tuned up.

  4. Avoid driving at excessive speeds and jack rabbit starts. Take it easy.

  5. And by now, you should not have a need to use your air conditioning.

  6. Finally, something most people don't think of, if you don't need your defrosted on, turn it off, it acts similarly to your air conditioning being on.

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