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Newsletter: Managing Christmas

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Managing Christmas

Does thinking of Christmas make you feel tired? Do you worry about where you will find the money for all those Christmas gifts? It does not have to feel that way. Take some of the stress out of the holiday season by getting started early. Work Christmas gift shopping into your yearly budget, either by opening a Christmas Club account at your bank, or you can buy gifts all year round (this works great for birthdays too).

Don't leave all your shopping until December, that could break your budget, or leave you relying on credit cards that could take months or even years to pay off. If you see a gift you can afford on sale, buy it, even it is June, and put it away. Start a list for all items you purchase throughout the year and mark down what you bought and who you are thinking of giving it to. Make a copy of it, one copy stays with the gifts you are storing and the other in your purse. You will need to make updated copies as you buy. That way when you are shopping, you will already know what you bought and will not have tons of items for Uncle Walter, but none for Aunt Sue.

Then as the holidays get closer, you will have bought just about all the presents you will need and your budget will be breathing easy.

If you open a Christmas Club account in addition to buying throughout the year, those "I just can't live without presents" your kids want, can also be bought as many times children change their mind so often about what they want for Christmas, it is sometimes best to wait for those "larger" purchases for the kids.

Now sit back, enjoy some store bought holiday cookies with the kids! Enjoy that extra time you gained!

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