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WOW's Educational Scholarship Winners

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WOW's 2009-2012 Educational Scholarship Winners

Thank you SO much for supporting my dreams and for granting me a scholarship for the 2012 school year. I became a young mother at the age of 17, and although it's been challenging at times, I'm actually earning my four year degree in three and a half years this fall with a BFA from UW-Milwaukee! Read more...

Thanks again!

This scholarship means not only a lot to me but, also my daughter. My daughter Brooklyn is why I want to go to school, and do more with my life. This scholarship is important because college is very expensive so every bit helps. I want to thank WOW very much for giving me this scholarship it will be put to good use. It is very encouraging that moms have place to go for help. It is hard to be a young mom but WOW makes it possible for single women to have a resource to come to not only for help but also for hope.

Thanks again!
Ariel R.

WOW's 2008 Educational Scholarship Winners
The Winner of the Gift Card for the month of August is: K. Schroeder of Brookhaven, NY! It is easy to win, just sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter. If you sign up to become a WOW Mom, you are re-entered every month to win prizes, such as grocery gift cards, movie gift cards, entertainment gift cards and more! You can't win if you don't sign up! So please sign up today!

Women empOwering Women is proud to announce our 2008 Educational Scholarship Winner is Mary G. from Bakersfield, CA.  CONGRATULATIONS MARY!!

Mary G. from Bakersfield, CA.
$750.00 Scholarship Recipient

"WOW accurately describes how I am feeling. This aid will go so far in helping me finish school. Money is tight for everyone and I wish I could really express to the organization and all its donors how much this does mean to my whole family. This award means that I can buy my physics books for next year and not have to burden my mom. It also means that I will be able to buy my daughter the uniforms she needs for school, and I will put a small portion of this award toward apply for transfer to universities. For so long I have been holding on to the dream of being able to get my Bachelors degree, but I realized that having my daughter as young as I did would make it harder. This award makes it possible for me to keep trying. I hope someday I am able to give back to others the same sense of hope that the WOW organization has given me. Thank you immensely." -Mary

Kandice C from Milwaukee, WI.
Winner of $750.00 Scholarship.

"First and foremost I would like to thank my mother for instilling in me the beliefs, values, and hard work needed to fulfill my dreams. Secondly, I want to extend a warm thank you to everyone at WOW who believes in my will and determination to succeed. With the help of this scholarship I can decrease my current loan funds needed for the following semester. I can also cut back on extended hours at work to spend more time with my son.

"You have also made me believe that it is possible to achieve my goals, and with a helping hand they are even more obtainable. Thank you for believing in and providing support for single mothers like me. Thank you for encouraging us to be more than we could have ever imagined despite our obstacles. I will remember you during this journey of my life and use it as determination to reach my highest potential. I eagerly wait for the moment that I can do for others as you have done for me.

"No words can truly express my deepest gratitude,

Kandice C."

2007 Scholarship winner
Becky the proud mother of two children, ages 7 and 2.  She is attending the International Academy of Design and Technology.  She is pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.  In her essay, Becky wrote,

"I am looking forward to sharing my gifts with others and bringing a smile to many faces along the way".  "My kids are my inspiration to everything that I do and I know they will back me all of the way in my pursuit of this degree." "I will not let them down".

Although Becky has been through a lot in her young life, she has found solace and direction in how she has chosen to look at those unfortunate events throughout her life.  Becky wrote,

"I feel the reason I have lived through as much as I have, was to bring my kids into the world and do the best that I can to raise them." Read More

2006 Scholarship winner

Helaine C. with Susan Bates, WOW's Founder and Jennifer J. Board Member. (Click to enlarge)

"I feel very blessed and thankful for receiving the Women Empowering Women scholarship. I felt very confident after my interview and was just praying that I got chosen. I am very happy and now I can continue my journey to further my education to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. My children have me being a role model being a single mom and trying to work and attend school."
— Ms. Helaine Conner

2005 Scholarship winner

Alexandria T: WOW's 2005 winner, Susan Bates, WOW's Founder and Jennifer J, Board Member. (Click to enlarge)

"On January 16, 2006, WOW, Inc. better known as Women empOwering Women, informed me of the news that I was the recipient of their 2005 Scholarship..."
Read More

2004 Scholarship winner

Brittany W: (Not Pictured)

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